The 3D Crew

Dale Ibbotson MBE Managing Director, 3D Performance

Dale delivers real and tangible skills. He speaks fluently and humorously on the subject of leadership and team performance. He is renowned for his ability to drive a renewed sense of clarity and purpose across an organisation. He has successfully designed a wide range of leadership & development strategies for a diverse range of organisations ensuring the learning is high impact, effective and long term.

Dale is a specialist in organisational communication, change management and decision making skills. He has established a reputation over the last 10 years for passing on techniques that greatly enhance the effectiveness of key personnel. Retained as a mentor for a number of blue chip executives and their teams, he is in great demand for his ability to bring sustainable clarity to complex scenarios.

Whether speaking to a large audience, developing strategies with executive teams or coaching individuals Dale is a stickler for wrapping relevant topics and lessons around the client’s core messages and objectives. His ability to adapt and align himself accurately with his audience ensures these goals are effectively communicated.

Some facts: The less said here the better probably as he is the boss (or we like to leave him with that illusion!). Hates being told something can’t be done, dedicated family man, obsessed pilot & skydiver, passionate sailor, go figure! – winner of national speaking & integrated business solution awards – outcome driven – easily bored! He has had a profound effect on the way many top level teams and leaders now operate and an impressive track record of real achievements in his area of expertise.


Andrew Thomas Managing Director, 3D Events

Andrew is an award winning designer of innovative team building and incentive programmes. He has become renowned for both his extraordinary creativity and the ability to turn ideas into reality. At all times his focus is on how the client will benefit from his programmes.

Meticulous planning skills mean Andrew consistently delivers programmes on time, within budget and to the exact needs of the organisation and its employees. This ability has quickly earned him a reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Andrew also has a significant understanding of what is needed to create a tangible impact on behalf of the businesses he represents. His focused, engaging and pragmatic approach allows him to continually challenge the way things are done, and strive to make them even better.

Some facts: Cornish by name & a connoisseur of the dreaded pasty. A keen footballer and always ready to defend the great game against Dale’s view that it is a bunch of hairdressers kicking a pigs bladder. Full of competitive energy and to use his own words “I’ve never been very good at sitting on the touch line”.


Chris Nicoll Managing Director, 3D Events (UK)

Chris originally trained as a dentist, working for over 20 years in that field and as such he has an eye for detail that others may over-look. Having also worked part-time in event management in 2012 he decided to turn his passion into his full-time occupation and has established a reputation for delivering top quality events.

Some facts: Not one to shy away from a challenge he regularly competes in obstacle course racing and has twice completed the fearsome Intercontinental Rally, with Dale.


Charlotte Newton Marketing & Events Manager, 3D Events



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