The 3D Crew

Andrew Thomas Managing Director, 3D Events

Andrew is an award winning designer of innovative team building and incentive programmes. He has become renowned for both his extraordinary creativity and the ability to turn ideas into reality. At all times his focus is on how the client will benefit from his programmes.

Meticulous planning skills mean Andrew consistently delivers programmes on time, within budget and to the exact needs of the organisation and its employees. This ability has quickly earned him a reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Andrew also has a significant understanding of what is needed to create a tangible impact on behalf of the businesses he represents. His focused, engaging and pragmatic approach allows him to continually challenge the way things are done, and strive to make them even better.

Some facts: Cornish by name & a connoisseur of the dreaded pasty. A keen footballer and full of competitive energy and to use his own words “I’ve never been very good at sitting on the touch line”.



Sharn Le Masurier Account Manager, 3D Events (UK)



Elise Wetherall, Events and Marketing Executive, 3D Events



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