The 3D Group is made up of 3D Performance and 3D Events. 3D Performance is a Performance Enhancement company that provides Leadership Development and Team Building . 3DP’s values are knowledge sharing, confidence building and delivery of excellence. We deliver innovative programmes that inspire organisations to focus on customer differentiation, leadership and professional development.

3D Performance provides all services with passion, belief and a proven track record, helping you, your team and your business to realise their full potential.

3D Performance are recognised specialists in both individual and team development. Our programmes are unique in that they are aligned directly to your business strategy and objectives. Consequently, all of our programmes provide skills that are of direct benefit, both to the individual and the business.

This is substantiated by the fact 3DP has consistently won awards at a national level.

3D Events is a professional Event Management company based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Established in 1990 the company has designed, promoted and delivered hundreds of events throughout Europe, picking up national awards in the process.

The company started out as, and remains a provider of corporate events and has gained huge credibility for delivering hundreds of high profile, creative events for some of the world’s biggest brands including MTV, MSN, General Motors and Warner Brothers. It was ten year’s ago that 3D Events expanded its area of expertise and moved into the management and promotion of mass participation events. Currently, 3D Events manages and promotes three annual sporting events, which welcome international participators from over 20 different countries to Jersey.

One of 3D’s key strengths is promotion. In addition to providing event management services, we also offer our clients project- based Marketing & PR. From creating strategic marketing plans and writing news releases, to identifying potential advertorial, editorial and product placement opportunities, 3D are constantly researching and evaluating the most effective marketing & PR tools for our client’s events.  Our experience enables us to ensure that our client’ target audiences are correctly identified, reached and engaged, at the same time as enhancing brand awareness and reputation. In a modern world where an online presence is imperative a key aspect of promotional service includes an engaging and effective social media strategy.


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